Module Development

I’m in the process of writing a comprehensive guide to developing your own modules in CS? this guide would will be written by me with the help of CS as well as other forum members who would like to contribute to this guide and will include step-by-step instructions on how to develop your own cs module including trouble-shooting problems and working with php/mysql databases with CS. I’ll have included in the book guided tutorial how I developed my advanced Wood Species and Dynamic Recipe scripts along with step-by-step instructions for all my existing mods including:

Image Captions v1.0

Advanced Product/Manufacturer Pagination v1.0

Click/Print Shipping Labels v1.0

Express Checkout v1.0

New Arrivals v1.0

Manufacturer Logo Image Swatches v1.0

DHTML FAQ’s v1.0

For questions, comments and/or to contribute please contact through PM, Thanks - Snorocket

That would be an enormous help.

A FAQ for basic common mods would be very helpful too.


A manual such as you are suggested would of course be a very welcome addition. I have already spent hundreds of hours modifying and tweaking CS-Cart code, but I am always looking for new ideas and ways to improve things. I am not sure how many of them contain functionality I will need, but I would love to see what modifications you have already done. Also, if you are looking for assistance in preparing the manual, let me know. I may be able to squeeze some time into my schedule to assist, if that would be helpful.

[quote name=‘compernicus’]hundreds of hours modifying and tweaking CS-Cart code[/QUOTE]

Yep, that’s exactly why I’d like to put together a manual to help others and Yes I’ll need all the help I can get as I’m by far a master at developing modules, as you well know it’s more/less trial and error untill code mysteriously works !!!

anything about payment processors?

how i would love to see some open-source development inside cs-cart!!!

that would be great.

[quote name=‘krur’]anything about payment processors?[/QUOTE]

Hi Krur, modding payment processors is best left up to the pros at CS.

I’ve also decided that because this is a time consuming process of writing a detailed manual that I’ll be releasing the manual in volumes so I can get them out there instead of waiting forever to complete. In other news because v1.3.4 RC1 I’m in the process of porting over my CS Database Manager and I’ll release DB Manager v1.0 when v1.3.4 goes stable.