Module "adding characteristics by the seller" for multi-vendor


The module allows sellers to create characteristics from the product, assign them to specific categories. New characteristics are checked by the marketplace administrator. Only after the approval of the new characteristics, they become available to other sellers. The module also allows sellers to add value variants from the product to the characteristics, which can also be checked by the marketplace administrator.


Characteristics are of great importance for the work of the marketplace. It is based on the characteristics that filters are formed to search for products on the site. Buyers rely on them when choosing the right product. They compare several products with each other.

Therefore, before starting work, administrators are often forced to create a cloud of characteristics for the main categories of goods. However, it is still impossible to predict in advance all the characteristics that sellers may need.

Sellers in the CS-Cart Multi-Vendor platform have recently become available to create characteristics and variants of characteristic values if they are allowed certain options. This is convenient for sellers, but not very convenient for the marketplace. Tracking the creation of characteristics is almost impossible. As a result, the marketplace has a huge number of disordered characteristics, which prevents, first of all, buyers from finding the right product.

To streamline the work with characteristics and give administrators a control tool, we wrote the module “Adding characteristics by the seller”.

Functionality and features

Our module allows sellers to create new characteristics directly from the product of two main types: “Characteristic as a variation” and “Characteristic for search”. The seller can choose the purpose of creating a characteristic, the type of display and link it to specific categories.

There are several different purposes for which characteristics are created:

  1. To search for a product through filters;
  2. To create a variation as one product;
  3. To create variations as multiple products;
  4. Brand;
  5. Additional information.

If the purpose of the characteristic is to search through a filter, then a filter for site search and several types of characteristics are created on its basis: Color; Numeric input, Input Field; Multiple choice; Free input field.

Based on the characteristics for variation, variations of goods with similar parameters are created, but differing in several characteristics, for example, clothing: one model, one color, and different size. Or a smartphone: the manufacturer and model are the same, but the amount of memory differs. Variations can be collected into one product, or they can exist as separate products, between which the buyer can switch, changing characteristics.

Brand - allows you to display in the product card not only the name of the brand, but also its logo and some information about it, as well as create a landing page with brand products.

Additional information is used when it is necessary to convey to the buyer some voluminous information about the product, for example, in 300 characters.

And now try to tell each seller what settings you need to set in one case or another and make him do everything right as only you need!

Limitation of goals and types of characteristics for the seller

When filling out the options for the value of a characteristic, it is very important to take into account its type. For example, if you enter text information into a characteristic with a numeric input, it will not work.Faced with such a restriction, the seller may consider it an incorrect work of the marketplace, will be upset, will be forced to solve their tasks differently. At the same time, the administrator does not even know that such a situation has arisen.

To avoid this, we gave the administrator the opportunity to restrict sellers’ choice of types of characteristics. You can leave it to sellers to create characteristics of only certain types.

At the same time, the administrator still has the opportunity to create characteristics with any settings.

Restrictions are configured through privileges in user groups. That is, you can give different groups of sellers different opportunities.

The module is included in Enterprise packages for CS-Cart for online stores.

Compatible with CS-Cart version for online stores of Standard and Ultimate versions. No testing was conducted for the Free version.

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