Modifying the customer login form?

HI guys i need to make some changes to the login form.

i need to remove some blocks that are showing and add some text,

has anyone done this?

i’m talking about the actual login form here: index.php?dispatch=auth.login_form

not the ‘my account’ block.

any ideas?

You can add the text and other things using hooks in : root/skins/your_skin/customer/views/auth/login_form.tpl file.

Please let me know if any more clarifications needed.


what if i want to change the login in general?

i would like to add the link to the shop to an existing system so that the users don't have to login twice - in the existing system and once again in the shop.

means, i would like to put my own login routine and user data…

i'm quite new to hooks and stuff so i'm a bit confused how to do that with addons/hooks…

at first i put my login routine to the index.php because in our authentication routine we pass a GET parameter and then do the authentication. but just putting it in the index.php doesn't do the trick and also it's not very 'pretty'…

somebody has an idea maybe?

thanks a lot in advance!


Hi does anybody know that when you login the cart sends you to the homepage ??? when a customer is in checkout they are sent to the homepage after logging in to the store , how can you stop this ??