Modify the core source code

Hi all,

I have been getting myself into cs-cart in the last few weeks and I love the software. I have a question related to the licence of this software (what I can and I can’t do).

Referring to this section of the Community Licence:

[quote]use the CS-Cart Shopping Cart Software source code or any of its parts as well as source codes of other program products developed by the Copyright Owner from CS-Cart Shopping Cart Software to modify the Program. If the User breaches this section, the User is obliged to pay the Copyright Owner the compensation for the Use of CS-Cart Shopping Cart Software or the program product developed by the Copyright Owner the source code of which the User used. The amount of the compensation (the price of the corresponding software) and the order of payment are defined on the site[/quote]

Does it mean that I can’t do a “mod” on Community Edition? Please someone verify. Thank you.

Irregardless, you should NEVER modify the core source code. Any changes should be done in the form of Addons or you will only create bigger problems for yourself down the road.

Hi TVKevin, thank you for your reply. I totally understand that addons is the way to go. But I figure that addons is only possible when there is hooks for it. Unless I understand it incorrectly, for which I am really happy if someone can correct me.

Also, my question was more about licensing rather than technical. By “mod” I was referring to this post: Definition of terms - Developers' Corner - CS-Cart Community Forums


Ah, I apologize. Don't get hung up over the terminology. You can make your own addons to do whatever you need them to do.

In regards to the hooks, you can do a lot of things in the platform without the use of hooks. Each function works a little different, there is a definite learning curve, but it's not hard to figure out.

Post up in the developer forum if you get stuck and someone can help.