Modify product details section

On the product details page there is a tabbed section for all the details and other information. For my particular implementation the client simply wants the description below the image with no tabs. I have found that in the blocks section I am not able to make any changes to the “PRODUCT DETAILS PAGE TABS” block. I also can find no other options to change this from a tabbed structure. I do not want to have to completely hack the tabs view to get a simple display, are there any other options?


Next to Product details page tabs where the product tabs are, click on “edit” and change the block order from horizontal to vertical.


Thanks that is a great start. Is there any way to turn off the rest of the tabs, or do i need to do it through the tpl files. I’d like to just configure them off for now. The ones that are enabled I don’t want are: Send to Friend and Tags

I am not sure about tags. I don’t have them, so there must be a way to turn off. The send to a friend is in admin addons. If you disable this then the tab does not show up.


The tags tab are turned off by disabling the tags addon in Admin => Administration => Addons.