Modify data feed adon to export links?

Has anyone been able to modify the datafeed addon to make it work

properly so that you can export the product links and image links ?

if you have any idea how to fix this incomplete addon please share …


ok…dumb questions, as i have looked at this but not tried it yet…

I see that you can map fields for this, and specify image directory, so I assume you’ve tried and/or done this…

I hope this addon works, as it is one the features that is VERY important to our ongoing consideration of purchasing cs-cart.


selecting images export your image names like this


you can change the image path to something like


but then you get thousands of fcopy errors because

the datafeed tried to copy the images … i have no idea

why you would even want to copy the images for a datafeed

they really should have named this Advanced Export …

It is not a datafeed export at all !