MOD: SMS Order Notify


MOD: SMS Order Notify

Compatibility: 2.03+

Ability: Beginner



SMS Order Notify does what it says, not too much here to explain here folks, most major cell phone carriers in the US have an sms email address, this is tested with Verizon but should also work with AT&T, Sprint, Alltel ect…



PASTE below CODE directly underneath LINE 2781

if (Registry::get('settings.Company.send_sms_message') != 'Y') {
fn_send_mail(Registry::get('settings.Company.sms_message_email'), Registry::get('settings.Company.sms_message_email'), 'orders/sms_notification_subj.tpl', 'orders/sms_notification.tpl', '', Registry::get('settings.Appearance.admin_default_language'), $order_info['email']);


Access the Development Console at:


Follow steps illustrated in the images:






COPY/PASTE below templates:









You will need to modify all the above templates to send only the information you want in the sms message, we tailored ours to only send the order number, customer name, address, order total, phone number, product ordered ect…most sms systems can only receive 255 characters, so you will need to limit this, have fun - Sno


Her is a list of carriers and how to send an email to a mobile phone:


[10-digit phone number]


AT&T (formerly Cingular)

[10-digit phone number]


Boost Mobile

[10-digit phone number]


Nextel (now part of Sprint Nextel)

[10-digit telephone number]


Sprint PCS (now Sprint Nextel)

[10-digit phone number]



[10-digit phone number]



[10-digit phone number]


Virgin Mobile USA

[10-digit phone number]


Step 4.jpg

Step 3.jpg

Step 2.jpg

Step 1.jpg

Thank you Sno!

Thanks Joe, Glad someone appreciates it…

[QUOTE]Glad someone appreciates it…[/QUOTE]

I appreciate this contribution, however, considering my two teenage daughters both have cell phone plans (& man can they talk), I can no longer afford a cell phone for myself…thus no place to send the sms notifications to! :confused:

However, myself as well as I am certain many others greatly appreciate all of your contributions to the CS-Cart forums Sno! :wink:

another 12+ yrs and I’ll be in the same boat, hopefully cell phones won’t exist then, but whatever does exist will probably make the phones of today seem affordable…lol, camp snorocket has a super cool new mod (donationware) TBA soon…

[quote name=‘snorocket’]

This free mod marks the end of an era where once all mods/addons were freely distributed, this is the last of the free mods from camp snorocket and the beginning of a new era, an era we desperately tried to avoid, with rising costs in development and an extreme lack of participation within the community, camp snorocket will no longer be able to post freebies, enjoy the freeness of this mod and imagine the possibilities lost…

ok folks on the commercial side of things we have a lineup of some really killer addons coming out soon that will rock the cs world like no tomorrow, they won’t be free and they won’t be cheap, so don’t cry, but as you could expect from camp snorocket, the highest quality, professionally coded cart kick’n money mak’n addons are coming soon…[/QUOTE]

Ain’t nothin’ wrong with makin’ a buck! The donation world is very hard to live in…just ask most non-profits these days. The difference is they are just that, a non-profit. They usually do it out of “love” for something other than money. Some do it for God, others do something (like Open Office) because they hate Micro***t. They all do need money.

While I love Mozilla stuff, Open Office and others, there just are not that many people that really help support financially over all. It is said that 10% of the people do 90% of the work. This usually goes for the giving side too. In the CS world it is a much smaller number and even more select group because 10% is just not that much.

I do hope you don’t out price your self out of the market you are in. I have paid for quite a few mods to make CS work better for me, but likewise I am not going to pay high prices that do not make sense for the price range of the cart we are using.

In regards to CS2, I believe they still have a lot of work to do on this before I would go live with it. I “MAY” think about doing it in 2010, but I will have to watch and wait. I am just now flowing with 1.3.5 sp4 with minimal errors so I really don’t want to start the same error thing over again.

Nice one Sno, i understand it does take a lot to make addons for v2, especially with such a lack of documentation, although i’ve no use for it it’s nice to see something for free, makes a change.

Now we’ll see how long it takes for someone to rip it off and sell it… oops did i say that out loud.

I was just sitting here beta testing the KB Addon and fix’n a few things, cell phone goes off, beep beep beep, BAMM another order, I LOVE THIS MOD !!!

When I try to go to the developer console after modding the code I get the following error:

Fatal error: Class ‘Registry’ not found in ///***/shop/core/fn.cart.php on line 2782

Any pointers? What did I miss?

Thanks, Sno for this mod.

but: “extreme lack of participation within the community” ?

I’m not trying to call you out or anything, but this forum probably has the most participation that I’ve ever seen. Many people have helped me, and I’ve tried to help back as much as possible (considering my knowledge limitations on cscart).

I really hope that others can still contribute at least some simple mods for free, and charge for very extensive and time consuming ones.

You’ve helped a ton of people here as well. This community is a big reason people like me have invested in cscart.

things seem to be slowly turning around for the better, mods should always be free, through freedom prosperity is given a chance to grow and blossom, the word on the street is that some if not all of these contributions from the community will be included in future versions…

When i try to implement this mod, my admin section and storefront go blank at step 1 at:


PASTE below CODE directly underneath LINE 2781

make sure your not pasting any whitespaces, also this mod is only for 2.04, 2.05 may possibly be slightly different where the code is placed…

Ok, i was able to follow steps 1-4 and then added in the info…and still have access to my site, but now the orders dont send sms text.

Can you post how your have your sms tpl files modified for me to get this working?

Thanks in advance.

I have attached my fn_cart.php.txt file here in case you need to review it

when I have time to check this on 2.05 I’ll let you know, as for the .tpl files I removed just about 95% of the tpl code so the sms email only sends the order #, order total, and the products ordered…

Any update on this? The placement of the code does not seem to be in the correct location.

this mod was for an older version, you should be able to examine the code of the newer file and put in in the same place, when I’m done with the helpdesk and invoicing addons I’ll look into updating the mod, Thanks - Sno

I know you are busy, but what was the code in the line above where it was supposed to go? Also, is it supposed to be in the basic skin or the current skin mail templates?

If you know, in 2.08, do you need the Clickatell account to use the CS Cart SMS addon?

I really appreciate everything you do for the community Sno. You really don’t get the credit you deserve.


[quote name=‘twin892’]I’m using version 2.04

you can place the code in the fn.cart.php file. within the ‘fn_order_notification’ function.

if (AREA == 'C') {
// Translate descriptions to admin language
fn_translate_products($order_info['items'], 'product', Registry::get('settings.Appearance.admin_default_language'));
Registry::get('view_mail')->assign('order_status', fn_get_status_data($order_info['status'], STATUSES_ORDER, Registry::get('settings.Appearance.admin_default_language')));

fn_send_mail(Registry::get('settings.Company.company_orders_department'), Registry::get('settings.Company.company_orders_department'), 'orders/order_notification_subj.tpl', 'orders/order_notification.tpl', '', Registry::get('settings.Appearance.admin_default_language'), $order_info['email']);
if (Registry::get('settings.Company.send_sms_message') == 'Y') {
fn_send_mail(Registry::get('settings.Company.sms_message_email'), Registry::get('settings.Company.sms_message_email'), 'orders/sms_notification_subj.tpl', 'orders/sms_notification.tpl', '', Registry::get('settings.Appearance.admin_default_language'), $order_info['email']);


[COLOR=“Lime”]twin892[/COLOR] gave this suggestion on another thread and it seems to work. Thank you twin892 for your help.

[quote name=‘rattle5’][COLOR=“Lime”]twin892[/COLOR] gave this suggestion on another thread and it seems to work. Thank you twin892 for your help.[/QUOTE]

I’ve just updated my website to 2.0.8 but the SMS notification isn’t working. After the update I simply inserted the information about Clickatell in the addon. No results, though.

Any thoughts?

Thank you.