MOD: Sales SMS Notification - interested?

I’ve started making a nice MOD (my opinion) that sends an SMS when a sale is

made in your store, meeting certain settings.

This is how it is gonna be in the admin area:


Up till now i havent seen anyone interested here (more the other way),

so i wont share it once completed (& future mods), unless there’s real interest,

so thats why i still posted this thread here in case…

Its not ready, but in development already. All is multilingual etc.

edit: testphase

edit:also included that the payment-method is in the SMS

edit:added option to use your own email->sms provider instead of


Super, I am really intesest this module.

It a good idea.

I’d be interesed, it’s a feature I only use when I know I’ll be out of the office for a few days and I just change “Order department e-mail address” under Settings > Company to my phone email address. I don’t know how phones operate overseas but in the states I beleive 99.9% of every phone has it’s own unique email address which can be saved in the Order department e-mail address…so if this is the case it may be even simpler to add an Order Dept. SMS e-mail address under Settings > Company…

I’m interested.

I am very intrested in this as I travel a lot.


This would be ideal for large orders that need 24 hours to prepare.

by all means nwsco if theres a cost let me know.

The MOD is done. It’s tested in both 1.3.3 and 1.3.4 (for the ones that wonder).

I will offer it later: i first need an extra beta-tester.

Anyone (also with a bit of technical background pref.)?

edit: also added some options. see screenshot.

thread locked, refer to the official post at [url][/url]