MOD: Force quantity 1 in Configurable Items child-items

I have items which require one of several “setup” fees, depending on how the customer wants the item decorated. This charge is a flat rate - not a multiple of the quantity of items purchased. Because there are a variety of “setup” fees, the “Required Product” addon doesn’t suit my needs. The “Product Configurator” addon is closer to my needs, but by default, multiplies any “child” by the quantity of the “parent”.

To force the quantity of the “child” to 1, edit:


Replace:```php ‘amount’ => $value[‘amount’], ```

With:```php ‘amount’ => 1, ```

Replace:```php $product_data[$_id][‘amount’] = $value[‘amount’]; ```

With:```php $product_data[$_id][‘amount’] = 1; ```

Replace:```php $product_data[$_product_id][‘amount’] = $value[‘amount’]; ```

With:```php $product_data[$_product_id][‘amount’] = 1; ```

This was done in CS-Cart 2.0.4



Better solution - [url][/url]