Mobile Checkout - Jumps From Section 2 To Section 4

We are noticing a few drop carts on mobile on our website. Investigating this we have found that during checkout once option 2 is filled out and the continue button clicked, it jumps over section 3 and lands on section 4. This is confusing for some customers as you automatically scroll down, not up so many are not seeing the continue button in section 3 and are therefore giving up.

If you use this website - and then navigate to our website,, and go through the checkout process you will see the problem we are encountering.

I believe it may because there is a default option option selected in option 3 (shipping) and CS Cart is thinking this is filled in correctly and skipping it. Is there anyway to have NO DEFAULT OPTION selected, so that the customer MUST click one of the two options before continuing?§ion_id=Checkout

Display "Shipping method" step:

Hi Tool

Thanks for your help, but the option is already ticked.


I've made a quick vid of the problem. After you click 'Continue' when you've inputted address, the checkout jumps past shipping options and "Important: Shipping Rates Have Changed" message displays.

Thanks to all reading.

We have fixed the issue. It was caused by the 3rd party theme