Mix & Match Products For Quantity Discounts

I'm working on a new install of version 4.9. I need to create quantity or tiered pricing across multiple products or categories. I'd prefer to be able to make the discount across products because sometimes there will be a product in a category that's not included in the quantity discount.

Is there a way to do this out of the box or will I need to purchase an add-on? I've looked through the add-ons and can't find one that fits my needs.

Here's a break down of what I need:

If these are my quantity discounts:

25 - 49 $0.25 off base price (each)
50 - 99 $0.50 off base price (each)
100 - 149 $0.75 off base price (each)
150 + $1.00 off base price (each)

The customer can mix and match ANY product below to reach the discount level:

Category A

Product AA

Product AB

Product AC

Category B

Product BA

Product BB

Product BC