Missing translation?

I am having an issue regarding the descriptions of products. My store has 3 different languages - LV, ENG and RU. LV and RU work normally, but ENG has an issue:
Where it should be said ‘‘features’’, it has a russian word. ( Attached a screenshot )

I couldn’t find it in neither Administration → Languages, Layout settings or Features themselves…
However, maybe I missed something. Does anyone know?

P.S - Store name evelatus.lv

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Hi Leo,

What you’re looking for is “Design > Product tabs”. There you’ll be able to rename the tab as you see fit. It took me some time to find it as well :slight_smile:

By default, the name of that tab is “Features”. The issue in your installation could occur if you added some languages after you installed CS-Cart. In that case, it might not have picked up proper name from the demo data and used the name from one of your installed languages.

Hope this helps,


Oh, okay, thanks a lot!

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