Missing Spanish States - How can I add or import them into CS Cart ?


I am new at Cs Cart, coming from Zen Cart, and I find CS Cart much better, but I have found a problem with CS Cart 2.2. When going to the Shipping & Taxes and select “States” I have seen that there are only a very few countries that have the states added, and I need to have the States for Spain, and do not know how to add them to CS Cart. In Zen Cart they have been already included or you could have them added by SQL.

If I click on “Add state” it ask me for “state code” and name, I do not know where I can find the codes for the spanish states, and also would like to have a better way to add them instead of doing one by one.

Please, is there a way to import the states list of Spain in some way into CS Cart ?

I have found an XML file that contains all the Spanish States in XML format.

The XML file can be found here in this link

How can I use this XML file ? Should I convert it to CSV OR SQL ?

Which file in CS Cart database should I modify that contains the countries and states list ?

Thanks very much for your help

Kindest regards

Sorry, after many days nobody knows how can be added more states to the CS Cart configuration ?

I have sent also an email some days ago to the CS Cart company as they must know this but have not had any answer yet.

I think that it will be the same to put the Spanish States or for any other country.

What I need to know is what file should I modify in the database or wherever are the states stored inside CS Cart

Please, I would be very grateful if anyone could help.

Thanks very much.

Hello, SpaceRay!

You can import the states in your CS-Cart. In the admin panel, go to Administration->Import data->Translation->States.

The CSV file should contain the following fields:

State Code Country code

Thanks very much for your answer orangegirl, I will do it this way. Great! :)