Missing letters in order PDF print

Hi again,

Just found a problem with v3 related to PDF print of order.

It will not show certain letters in Greek language like M and Δ, small or capital.

The place is there but empty.

I think it has to do with the encoding.

This was working fine in versions 2.x.

Any ideas?


If you imported a database manually (mysqldump | mysql) then you must ensure that you have your “connection” setup to use utf-8 encoding.

Easiest is to always import data through the cart's DB import (restore). Just deposit your sql files in the var/backups/database directory and you can select them to be imported. But note that error reporting is turned off when doing this so if there are problems with the import, you'll never see it…


but this is a brand new shop, and I jsut found it also in another 3.0.x also from scratch.