Missing conversion value from Google Ads


Recently we have made some changes to our CS-Cart site.

Now the conversion code is missing in “Thank You page” and we can’t see the value of conversions coming from Google Ads, except their number.
Also GA4 is showing wrong data, and no conversions value.

Can you tell me if this is the code we can place in “Thank you page”, or we can find another way for GA4 to show full events, page view, product category, conversion value?

Until a few days ago we used this code:

<script type=

“text/javascript” src=


<img height=“1” width=“1” style=


alt=“” src=


Thank you,

Do you mean the default Google Analytics add-on doesn’t work for you anymore?

Hello, Cs-cart team,

We have made an update from CS-cart 4.3 to 4.16. The old theme has been migrated, but i didn’t notice to have the old Google Analytics.

Now in GA4 reporting data from Google Ads are missing or are incomplete.

We use this code for Google Ads to be able to see the conversion value, because we managed to see only the number of transactions without value.

Thank you for the reply!

Could you please let me know if you already have tried the default Googe Analytics add-on? I am afraid I cannot comment anything on the code you have added.