Minimum Product Order With Variants

I hope I can explain this properly. I want to set up a product with a minimum order that also has multiple variants and each variant has a supplementary price. Here is a made up example:

Table - £40 (minimum order 10)

Under options, here are some examples

- Gloss (+£5) - Select quantity

- Matt (+£3) - Select quantity

- Glass top (+£10) - Select quantity

I would like to set this up so a customer can select different quantities of each variant but still hit the minimum order for the product - eg 3 gloss, 3 matt, 4 glass = 10 products. Using this example, the price should be £135 (3 x £45) + £129 (3 x ££43) + £200 (4 x £50) = £464. What it is actually doing is taking £40+£5+£3+£10 = £58 and then multiplying this by 10 to give a total of £580.

Is there a way I can achieve this? Perhaps CS Cart allows you to group individual products to work towards a minimum order??

I suspect the answer is going to be that I can't do it but I wanted to check with all you knowledgeable people just in case :)