Minimum Order Quantity:

OK so product price is 2$ but its sold as package of 10, so minimum order will be set as 10, quantity step also as 10 no way to order in steps in between 10 20 30...

I just want customer show actual price of 10 -> 20$ before they hit add to cart and within cart page show you are ordering 10 units, how do I go about this configuration ?

I do not want 2$ to be displayed as product price as you cannot order just 1 piece.

Most places set the price of the various 'packages'. I.e. $20 for a 10 pack, $38 for a 20 pack, etc. The 'pack size' would be product options. I've also seen many sites that present a table of 'package sizes' with prices and then let the custom choose from the table rather than a drop-down of options.

Maybe this add-on will work for you.

Product Unit Price.

CS-Cart “Product unit price” add-on adds a "per unit" information on the following line after a product price. The customers will clearly know the product unit (set, piece, kg, square meter, etc.) that they pay for.

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