Minimum order quantity & steps

We are adding a new product that starts at 250 pieces minimum. The next step is 500 and then 1000 and then 1000 each step after (2000, 3000, 4000, etc.).

How can I, or can I, create steps that will start at 250, go to 500, and then 1000 thereafter? Right now my only option is to drop 250 and start at 500.

I don’t think that you can do stepping in a value that is not consistent and that does not raise the base value in a consistent way.

One way you could possibly achieve the same goal is to have the base product and a Qty of 1. Then as an option drop down have the different sizes that you offer: 250 pieces, 500 pieces, 1000 pieces, 2000 pieces, etc. with that option adding to the base price. The base price would be for Qty 1 and a drop down option of 250 pieces, all other optional sizes would increase the price.

A custom modification of the quantity code is the other option to suit your needs.