Minimum order amount

Hi, is there any way to set minimum order amount for each category separately?



-Red (18€ min. amount)

-Blue (22€ min. amount)

To my knowledge, no. The minimum order amount is applied to the total cart.

Are you talking Category Like Shoes, Hats etc, or options of products in these categories like red hat or blue shoe etc

If you mean categories then you could set each product in that category to have a different minimum order amount vis csv or bulk product edit.

If you mean product options then no I dont think so.


johnbol1, I mean categories and subcategories, not options.


Then you can either do it via bulk edit by editing minimum order qty for the products in that category or you can import the products via csv with minimum order qty.

You cannot however do it by the amount of spend.


Can you give me more information? an example or something?

I don't know how to do this.

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Can you give me more information? an example or something?

I don't know how to do this.


open categories, then whichever category you want to add minimums too you will see at the right of the category name the amount of products in that category (highlighted in blue).

clicking that number will open said products. Then select the check box at the top which will check all the boxes at the side of each product. Now at the bottom select the drop down arrow at the side of choose action.

Then select edit, in the bulk edit box, deselect everything except minimum qty box. This opens another window where you just use logic and follow the instructions from there. This will allow you to change the minimum order qty for all products in one category in 1 go.

An easier method I think is via csv import though.Search the KB for this though as it is too long winded to put here.


I think you still don't understand what I want to do.

This is a category with 9 products:

When a member want to buy products from one category, i want the member to buy six products from one category or to buy products of this category with minimum amount 18€. Can I do this?

Simple answer: NO YOU CAN'T with the default product.

Ok, then can I add minimum order quantity box here?