Minimum order amount per vendor (not price amount)

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i have the multivendor version with microstores and own storefronts. The checkout per vendor is active. Now a vendor needs a minimum order quantity that is valid for the shopping cart (not the product itself).

There is a minimum order quantity per product - but that is not the issue here. The vendor has a wine store and it should only be allowed to enter the checkout from 3 different bottles of wine.

I have actively realized it with weight. Each wine bottle has an imaginary kilo and the shipping method is possible from 3kg in the checkout. The problem is: The shipping method does not appear in shipping information of the products themselves - because a product has only 1kg (and not 3kg).

Is there another way to define the minimum order quantity according to the number of items?

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The following solution can help you

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And these ones:

And this one too!

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