Minimum Advertised Price

I have seen many comments about this.

CS-Cart should support Minimum Advertised Pricing, as many dealers have to advertise at that MAP price, but are able to actually sell the item much cheaper.

I would assume this would add another field in the product pages of the admin control panel to allow the admin to set a MAP price, and whether it is active and if it should be displayed when the customer adds this product to their shopping cart. I am sure there is more to it than that, but that is the general idea.

If you have votes available could you add this to the CS Cart User Voice Forum? I would like to see this implemented also, but I’m out of votes at the moment.

This has been requested for a long time. I think the developers believed they addressed this need when they added the “Zero price action” of ‘Do not allow to add the product to cart’; this results in the customer seeing a “Contact us for price” message. I do not consider this sufficient. This should work as you described (and as it does in other shopping carts) so that MAP is displayed in the storefront and the actual selling price is displayed when the product is added to the cart.

EDIT: Data feeds and Google Base should be adjusted to export the MAP price instead list price.


You can vote for this feature in the Ideas forum:


Please add your suggestions here for additional needs for this feature.


Thank you Bob, my votes have been cast…