MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION - Best way to API Vendors Shopify and Woo commerce stores

PLENTY OF FORUM QUESTIONS AROUND THIS but never answered clearly and with the easiest solution. Just want simple easy process. What do you reccommend?. Just want to sync Shopify vendors mostly (and woocommerce,wix poss) in the easiest way that takes zero or minimal maintenance after.
Does something like APi2 CART or Zapier type etc work best? Not sure about on the cs shop add -ons - has anyone had good results from them.

This is so their products onboard and update automatically once connected

This one claims to do shopify marketplace webkul

I have seen mixed reviews of webkul, my personal experience with them was poor and they insisted on me removing feedback before they would refund for a non-functioning add-on … but I did get it back.

I have found ecomlabs and cart-power to have good ads ons and good support and you might want to see what they have on the marketplace, or seek a quote, potentially they have done similar for others.

If you wanted to have a swing yourself I have been able to do product importing and updating with my suppliers via the API and crond jobs (with the help of chat GPT on php, though it gave me a few bum-steers and I had some limited programming background in vba and sql. I suspect chat GPT would be better on the shopify API than the cs-cart API).

I am interested in why you run shopify and woocommerce stores in addition to cs-cart stores? Presumably due to stores on different domains? If so have you thought about multi vendor ultimate (lifetime licences pop-up on facebook from time to time, but if you plan to subscribe to support then the subscription for on-premisis includes support).

Thanks for your reply, as a marketplace our vendors have a mix of shopify, woo commerce and wix etc. We have only recently moved onto cs -cart after having another platform that already had the ability to direct connect to most sites. Will check out the options u mention

ahh in that case a self directed api not be so easy. As you will need to collect credentials from each vendor you are moe in the realm of add-ons. If you were running other stores on other domains as I had assumed you can hard code your own credentials.

Via API still doable if you add custom profile fields to collect vendor credentials and access the credential data via sql and do the rest via API, but certainly adding complexity.