Migration Google Analytics 4 GA4

Hallo, we are using CS-Cart Platform for our Online-Shop (country: Bulgaria). Please inform us short (if possible) how to upgrade to GA4 , i.e. where and how to put on every page the Google marker (manual installation) ?

Latest versions supports GA4 out of the box. Just use corresponding account ID in the settings of the Google Analytics module


Many thanks for Your advice, but unfortunaty we don’t have the latest versions, our actualy have td version 4.9.2.SP1. And again thank You.

Hello. Our addon has support of your version, but installation service will be required.

Hello, thanks for Your information. Unfortunaty we don’t have the latest versions, the actualy version we have is 4.9.2.SP1. So please give us more additional info abt price, technical requirements, what should be expected from our side, is this addon enough for the migration to GA4, will the Google marker be on every page of the store atc.

Thank you for your answer.

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