Migrating Products from Prostores


We currently use ProStores to host our website until we can get all of our products over to CS-Cart. We have about 1200-1500 products, so we want to do this the most efficient way. Is there a preferred or easiest way for us to migrate our products from our old eCommerce site (prostores) to the new one (CS-Cart)? Has anyone made a big move like this from another provider and can provide some tips?

If it will help this is how our data is stored:

--Some CSS--

-- Some HTML referring to the header CSS --

All images are in one directory and can easily be migrated via FTP.

The two options we have come up with so far are:

1.) enter all of the header css into the main CSS style sheet for our website, then simply put the HTML into the description field in the Admin Panel backend Product edition area. 1-by-1 for each product....

2.) embed the CSS and enter both the header CSS and the HTML directly into the Admin Panel Backend Product edition area. 1-by-1 for each product...

Are there any other choices?