Migrate from X Cart to CS Cart


FIrst post on this forum. I am considering migrating my existing stores over to CS Cart to be able to run two store fronts from one admin.

Has anybody migrated over from X Cart and have any good advice or bad advice?

Hello Swifty,

You can use Cart2Cart to move your products, orders and customers information from your X-Cart store to CS-Cart. Migration process doesn't require any specific technical knowledge you just have to register an account and follow step-by-step wizard. Check this tutorial for more details on how it works.

To find out how much your migration will cost check Migration Estimator. In case of any questions please feel free to contact our Support Team via live chat or by submitting a ticket.


Cart2Cart Team.

Just used the Cart2cart last week and it was awesome! Very easy. Not to mention it transfered over my images too.