Meta "No Index" Tags

Good day!

Something has placed “no index” meta tags on the pages of my cart/website. Therefore, I cannot index it with Google. The Google help community believes it’s something wrong on the “back end” with they layout or an add-on issue. At one time Siteground had an HTTP version of my site before the SSL was installed. This site does not have the meta “no index” tags.

Siteground has performed a 301 redirect so all traffic redirects to the HTTPS secure site for shopping.

Can someone please tell me how to get rid of the meta tags so my site can index? What is the underlying issue… layout? Add on? This is a big deal since our sites live or die by Google rankings.

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It isn't an addon doing this (although it still could be) - it's default functionality. There is no need to have the cart/checkout pages indexed.