Merging Social Profiles In Hybrid Auth

In hybrid auth if a user once signs-up using google say and say if next time he sign's in using Linkedin(even if he uses the same email id for Linkedin), then an open id error is generated as follows


Warning Unfortunately, we failed to create a customer and log in to the store due to one of the following reasons: - You logged in to our store earlier using some other OpenID provider in which the same email is used. - You have already registered in our store using your email. Please contact the store owner to resolve the problems.


Well, this kind of error might create a confusion in the users and this type of issue is resolved in all websites these days. Say for example You will have the same account if you try logging in with Facebook or Gmail or even Twitter and you have the same email id for them.

Thus this kind of functionality should be included in cs-cart also and all the profiles of the user should be merged if he has the same email id.

Looking forward to suggestions.