merge orders

if i have for example ten orders, is it possible to print off a single list of all these orders, with same products listed only once but a cumulative total.

So it would be like a shopping list to send our supplier.

There is no pick list option in the standard cart.


you say none in the “standard” cart

do you know of an add on?

[quote name=‘ivybridge’]you say none in the “standard” cart

do you know of an add on?[/QUOTE]

Unfortunately, no.

I know I have seen other requests for a pick list but it has never been added. I know there have been posts asking how to sort the packing slip or invoice by product code - this is the same idea.

It would be a nice feature to add to the cart. Why not put in a feature request at the Bug Tracker.


Good idea, I’ll do that

I have added a description of what/how the pick list should work (did not want them closing the request making the assumption is was the same as a packing slip). People might want to review the requirements and add their comments: