Menu Link Issue With Apple Devices

I'm just curious, we had 2 recent reports that Apple devices (iPhone and iPad in particular), are having issues clicking on the dropdown main navigation links (hamburger menu) - I guess the links don't go anywhere for them when clicked on. Is anyone else experiencing this? I have not been able to reproduce the issue (I have no new Apple devices to test with), and everything works great on all browsers and Android phones / tablets I have tested. I heard there was a recent update on the iPhone and the customer iPad is maybe 1 week old, so it is possible something is up with the new or newly updated devices(?)

I find it very odd, so I wanted to reach out to see if anyone knows anything about it...


You can check this out https://gist.github....3d8ce2fb5804477 or along with https://docs.cs-cart..._diff_file.html

Awesome, thank you! I will add/modify the code... :)

Update: The responsive menu on the iPhone (for iOS13+ (?)) works great now - the code we used was from the first link you suggested: (I'm assuming that is the one for a slightly older version of the shopping cart)

Thanks again cscartrocks!! When we're in the market for an Add-On or other great features, I'm heading to your site first!(

This didn't work on my 4.7.2 store. Caused a bunch of issues.

Seems like a core cs cart problem?

Contact CS-Cart HelpDesk to receive actual fix for old version

Louis at CSCartRocks rocks again! He was able to fix my store quickly! Thanks, Louis.

He is highly recommended to other store owners.


Does anyone have a fix for 4.8.1.SP1 version? It's urgent, old client contacted me with this problem.