Menu Categories Only If Product Exists

I have my menu and have created many categories, but only want the categories to display if products exists. I know code must reach last child and return to parent to display. I just don’t know how to write it. I am thinking some Java and PHP. I don’t know if this is a simple mod that can be done.



Do a forum search for “hide empty categories” there are a few solutions posted and some discussion as to why it might be a bad idea from a search engine point of view.

NairdaCart, Thanks for the reference. I wasn't using the correct terminology to search for what I was looking for. I still do want to hide the empty categories, but not disable them. My website will have a constant change of products. So not too worried about leaving it open to call backs. There is no fix for this right now and I do believe it should be a standard option. I know Magento has it. Maybe I will try to write something myself after I get up a test site on a local server. Then post it on here if I get it working.