Mega Menu Block Won't Stay "on" (Single Page)

So I was playing around with some blocks on a particular page and I turned off the mega menu block on that page. Didn't like how it looked so went to turn it back on but it refuses to stay on. When I click the power button I get the pop-up that it has been saved but when I refresh that page in the admin area it is back off. So obviously it isn't showing on the front end now. Luckily I did it just for a single page and not the entire site but still don't understand why this isn't working. Any idea what would be causing this?

Well I "fixed it" by going into one of the other page's layout and then going to edit/stats/Disable for...then just deleted the page from there that was giving me the issue. Seems to work fine now but not sure why I had to do it that way?