MaxMind Anti Fraud Addon Notice

We just received the following notice from MaxMind regarding minFraud service/API:

“You are receiving this email because you are currently using an older version of the minFraud service and may be using an outdated output value.

Beginning January 1, 2014, the 'score' output, which is present in minFraud versions 1.2 and earlier, will no longer be supported by MaxMind. If you haven't already, we highly recommend transitioning to using the 'riskScore', which gives you access to much more accurate fraud scoring, both in terms of increasing the amount of fraud detected and in reducing the amount of good orders flagged as fraud. Please see this blog post for more information about the differences between 'score' and 'riskScore'.

To upgrade to the latest version of the minFraud service at no added cost, please visit the minFraud version webpage and select version 1.3.

If you are using an API, you may need to upgrade to Version 1.50.

To make sure the minFraud service is as effective as possible for you please see this FAQ entry.


MaxMind, Inc.”

This notice is for our sites running 2.2.5. Is it possible just to update this minFraud service/API without updating to 3.0.6? Does anyone know what version of the minFraud service/API 3.0.6 is using?