Mass Password Reset?

After a month of tweaking and working to get CS-Cart just the way I want it, I am closing in on being ready to migrate my live store off Interspire Cart (Goodbye and good riddance!)

Does anyone know any way/means/hack to trigger a mass password reset email for all my customers, since their old passwords won't be able to be imported? I have about 14,000 registered customer accounts.

Ideas anyone?


You would need to have a custom add-on built. I had to build one for our company that we will be using that triggers an email to all our customers resetting their password. But its not available as an easy drop in add-on its been integrated with our massive ERP Import/Export Add-On. If you are interested in a simple add-on that just emails every customer and resets password I might be able to develop a simple add-on for you. PM ME if interested.