Mass Enable TAX on all Products


I have a client who decided to add TAX to all the 300+ products.

However she didn’t select the tax checkbox upon creating the products.

How can I add tax to everything or mass edit that checkbox?

Maybe trough phpMyAdmin? Idk.


No worries I just ran this on trough phpMyAdmin and seems to work.

<br />
UPDATE `cscart_products`<br />
SET tax_ids = '6'
```<br />
<br />
where 6 was the number of the one product I manually checked.<br />
<br />
If there is another way I'd love to know  <img src="upload://rA9Qa8gnUPZzRZRdI8kt3dpjkrs.png" class="bbc_emoticon" alt=":)"><br />

Shipping & taxes


Tick on the tax checkbox

Choose action

Apply selected tax to all products

Sweet! Too easy :)

Thanks a lot.

Wow, I've been using CS-Cart for a long time now, but I'm still learning. Thanks Kogi for that help.