MAS 90 MAS200 intergration with IN-SYNCH

Has anyone used the IN-SYNCH module for MAS90 MAS200 intergration? Looks like it can do alot for us. Automaticly enter sales orders in to MAS90, real time inventory, If we change product, customer info in MAS90 it will change in cs-cart in real time.

Hopefully someone has used this and can give me their point of view on this product.


david DeWitt

I'm sure Sage has an API to work with, but this would be a project.

IN-SYNCH is a Sage development partner product. I was hopeing to find some that my have used it, since it is quite a bit of money. But would definatly pay for its self in a years time. Just think of what we could do if we did not have to enter orders into our accounting system or if we were to change pricing and only have to do it in one place not several.

Thanks to anyone with expirance with it,

David DeWitt

Isn't Mas200 only for Windows/ASP and not PHP?

whats the cost insynch?