Marketplace Performance Booster

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Can you help me in below scenario where our server provider installed Marketplace performance booster and it’s still not functional.“Varnish is active on port 80 with Apache serving the backend on port 8080. Apache is also handling SSL termination for just through port 443.I installed the Marketplace Performance Booster addon to and activated it. The dashboard says that full page caching is enabled for the frontend, however reviewing the Varnish cache hit rate indicates caching is not occurring.I’m not too sure why caching is not occurring.The issue now is with the /etc/varnish/default.vcl file that was provided by the Marketplace Performance Booster plugin. Since we did not write this, it may be best to speak with the support of the Marketplace Performance Booster plugin regarding assistance as to why caching is not occurring”

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Write through the for technical support.

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for nginx

listen server wan ip 443 with ssl

then proxy pass to varnish ( listen varnish with on 80 port )

varnish listen port 80

varnish back end 8080

again listen with nginx 8080 or another port

and put cs-cart main nginx settings here.

also you can listen 80 port with your wan ip for forwarding to 443

its so simple

Ok, lets try it.

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We are using the Marketplace performance booster.

Using Nginx , Vanish is installed .

But not able to configure the ports. Any expert here who can help me to setup varnish with Marketplace booster addon