Map Google Product Categories With Own Categories

How can we Map Google Product Categories with Own Categories so that its percolated to all the products in that category.

Doing at product level is not an option since we have 10K products

can you explain more, is it for seo reasons for each product code, if so then csv import

no its not for seo, its for exporting to google shopping feed

basically we should have 1 mapping page where we can map both our categories and the google categories together or do it on category basis so that it reflects for all the products below it.

This is a great idea. You could this way refer stores categories to google categories.. example:

we have a category: Skin Care - Facial Lotions

We could select that all products that have this category as main category, should be assigned the google category: Health & Beauty > Personal Care > Cosmetics > Skin Care > Lotion > Face Lotion

Anyone any idea?

Working on this add-on now.

Working on this add-on now.

Any news on this?