Many abandoned carts created daily with minimum dollar value gift certificates

It could very well be bot activity, but I thought I would bring it up because it seems strange to me, because I started seeing it from the day I put my site up. Every day when I check my abandoned carts, they are littered with carts full of minimum value gift certificates. Initially my min. value was $50 and they were all $50, now it’s $10 and they are $10…

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I get about 100 abandoned carts full of gift certificates per day.

Is anyone else seeing this?

Screen Shot 2012-08-07 at 2.33.28 AM.png

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Is anyone else seeing this?


Not me…

Yes, I saw a variation of this. Here is my post: [url=“How to stop bots from creating abandoned carts? - Issues & Troubleshooting - CS-Cart Community Forums”]How to stop bots from creating abandoned carts? - Issues & Troubleshooting - CS-Cart Community Forums

I kept exporting the logs into excel, sorting and looking for patterns. It seems like who/what ever is doing it was fixated on one particular product. After a while I was able to see a series of IP address causing it and first I blocked them in .htaccess file and then asked my host to block at server level ( I have shared hosting).

This seemed to stop for a while, except for 3 or 4 abandon carts about a week ago, then stopped again.

It seemed from the logs they would use “send to a friend” first and then I would see them going to the product and I would end up with sometimes 40 of the exact same carts with two of the same product, same price. Interesting that they would be individual carts. Months ago, the carts were composed of hundreds of the same item, but in one cart. Then two of the same item, but in 20-40 carts a day.

What was also interesting was that the product several required text fields to be completed in order to add the product to the cart. Not sure how this was done. And, because I had Captcha for “Send to a Friend”, the Captcha had to be bypassed. I tuned of “send to a Friend” completely and this worked.

Also, I could not pinpoint the same IP addresses the cs-cart statistics that I could in the logs. It was like they were invisible. I looked at the robots and visitors at the time the carts were created and unless I missed something, the IP address of the ones creating the carts were not listed in the robots and visitor logs, but were in the server logs.

I am still using 2.2.4. I had it for years (since 1.3.5) before having the problem this year.

Hope you find who/what is doing this at your site, but then they have to be blocked.