Good morning Gurus,

I would like to have a page describing each of my manufactures with the usual info like a picture, description and links to their various pages, sort of like a product but without a price. I would like to have a panel on the main page where people can look at the various options. How do I do this? I found how to create a manufacturer page as a feature of products but I can’t figure out how to make a list of them on a panel that users can browse and read about the manufacturers.

You can not have exactly that if I’m correct (out of the box).

You can have a block with links to your manufacturers pages (which can have a picture, description, products, etc).

To get that see this thread and Lee’s post: [url][/url]

There’s also a nice addon: [url][/url]

If you want to see it PM me and i’ll send you a URL to the shop I’m developing.

Thanks. That add-on looks useful, but I"m not sure it does what I need. I’ll look more. I’ll read through that other post. I would like to have a list of panels on the left with product categories, another block with things like contact information and education, and another with manufacturers, for example Addidas, Nike, etc. I"ve got half a dozen manufacturers and promoting them is a pretty important part of the site. It’s close to as important as selling product actually. I’m gooing to have revolving banners promoting them as well. I"m planning on upgrading to the multi-vendor platform so that each of them can enter their own goods but I want the overall look of the site to be the same no matter who entered the products.

I"m a newbie at this but I’m reasonably tech savvy and hopefully I’m not biting off more than I can deal with. I"m fine with buying add-ons if they do what I need and, actually, I prefer it to doing custom work but I do want to make sure it is actually the best solution before I do that.

for my own learning purposes, is there a directory or something out there somewhere of well done cs-cart sites so that I can see what others have done before me? It’s a little hard to decide what I want without a feel for what is possible.

Ok, to go over your needs:

  1. a block on the left with product categories is easy (and if I’m correct comes with standard cs-cart install). Go to design - block - add block. Give it a name, block content categories, and play around with the settings until you got it right.

  2. contact information and education - these are not dynamic, so you can just choose HTML content and type your info in there. Tip: use a HTML wysiwyg editor so it’s easy to make a nice layout and paste your code here.

  3. Sure you can have revolving banners. There’s a nice add-on by coding staff, but there are many more, also free options. The coding staf add-on will help you make and organize banners that you can link to your manufacturer pages, which you can make using the features option. See [url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

    Now what they don’t mention there, is that you can click on variants and then extra, and fill our all the info from your brand, with picture and everything. Assuming you have SEO url rewriting on, and you should have for SEO purposes, you can also give the page an SEO name. If you type this part after your shop URL (like this: you will see the page).

    Hope this helps… play around a bit… you’ll learn. I did too :slight_smile:

    Here are some CS-cart stores you can check out: [url]CS-Cart Websites | See marketplaces and shops using CS-Cart

    Also check out people’s stores on the forum (often in their signatures) and here: [url][/url]