Manufacturers on category page

how can i list manufacturers on category page ?

manufacturers must be active on category ?

Hello, cavemin!

You can create a filter to display manufacturers on category page.

Please go to Products->Product filter → click “add filter” (Name: Manufacturer, Filter by: manufacturers), save.

Go to Design → Blocks-> click Categories tab → click “add block” button. Create manufacturers block (Name: Manufacturers, Block content: Product filters). Save. You can assign this block to all categories or to specific categories.

You can also read information about adding a product filter in knowledge base CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

Best regards, Alt-team

Of course. I had the choice set to Manual fill. Changed it to Dynamic and it works.

Now I have a display question about this. Is there any way to display the manufacturer's logos along with their names?