Manually set tax rates


I am filling out an order via Admin and on the Totals page there is the check box Manually set tax rates.This box is grey'd out. Normally this customer would have to pay taxes but for this purchase he is exempt. Does anyone know under what conditions this box is not grey'd out?


Hello, novista!

It seems that by default the mentioned check box works for the existing orders only, I mean, when you are editing an order, not creating it.

If you have a CS-Cart license, you may contact our support team via [url=“My account -”][/url] and our engineers will help you to change this.

Thanks Kate.

What I would like to know is this: can you go into an order and change the tax if you wanted. Lets say it is 2.00 and I want to make it 2.75, can I edit it on the back end the way we can edit the shipping when you are creating and order through the back end. Once the order is crearted, you can no edit the shipping.