Manual Upgrade

Well, now that 2.1 is out I want to start upgrading my store to it. What I want to do is do a fresh install of 2.1 and then import everything from my current store into the 2.1 store.

Products, users, orders, and images are easy enough, but what I don’t get is how to import my categories and product options.

I tried using phpmyadmin to transfer over the categories. It kind of worked. I was able to get the categories including the meta stuff, but for some reason the images were all screwed up. They were being put into folders that don’t exist. Not sure why this didn’t work right.

As for the product options, the options were imported, but not any of the variants like prices and stuff.

The only other thing are settings, but they aren’t really a big deal to just manually put in.

Another thought I had on the upgrade is to just go through the upgrade process that is built into the cart and then import that new database into a fresh install of 2.1.

Obviously all my template changes are a whole different thing, but that is easy enough for me if I can just figure out the database end of things.

I would love to know how some of you guys are planning on going about upgrading.

Thanks in advance.


I would definently wait a bit before upgrading a production store to this version Brandon. It is basically going through its beta testing stage now as usual.

Yeah, I know. I plan on testing out the new system for a while before going live with anything.

I figure the best way for me to test things out is to test them using my information set up the way I want it. This includes my database and my templates modyfied and set up just like I would have them on my live site.

Thanks for the tip though. If more people used that advice there would be a lot less problems.