Manual Products Randomizer Mod

New Manual Products Randomizer Mod !

This new Feature will randomize your Manual product Boxes when it displays them .

example . you Can have a Featured Products Box setuo on your page to only show 6 items at a time but you can manually add all the product you need and it will randomly pick 6 items from your selections each time the page is displayed .

you can configure the limit and what products are in the box …

If you would like to work out a trade or something pm me and we will work out something or you may make a donation and ill send you the mod .

Hi, I just sent you a donation, I love this mod. Thanks

[quote name=‘ywalker’]Hi, I just sent you a donation, I love this mod. Thanks[/QUOTE]

Mod Sent … thank you

I’v got question, is it possible to show products from selected category. For example, I’m adding product to category 1 and selecting a secondary category 2, and I would like to have block on the front page where randomly would appear 3 products from category 2 only.

is it possible?

I would like to know if this would work with 2.1.1