Managing Cost Prices and Profit Reports

We're currently considering the possibility of replacing our existing e-commerce system with CS-Cart.

As we understand it, with a standard CS-Cart installation, products do not have an associated cost price stored with them. Does anyone know the best way of achieving or adding this functionality in CS-Cart?

I'm sure we could add an additional field to the database (as was suggested already on this forum IIRC), but we'd still have to modify the code to enable this to be entered on the same page as the standard product details, then write a separate report.

Thank you for any feedback!

I know I posted a cost solution on here somewhere, but my solution doesn't do any reports or anything like that. You could look at Snorocket's solution at

Hope that helps,


Hey Brandon, on the cost solution you did, what did it actually do? Did it just show the profit on the order?

Also, do you actually have the sno mod working properly? For example, if you sell 3 of the same exact item does it take all 3 in to account or does it still only look at 1 of the 3?


I've never used Sno's addon so I have no clue about it.

My addon is pretty simple. Basically it puts in a cost field. I don't have it do any calculations or anything. Basically the cost is there and the price is there, so I just do the math in my head.

I only have my field in the product pages in the admin, but it might not be too hard to put it on the orders page, I've just never tried.

I'll look at it this weekend and put together a decent package and upload it here.



Thanks Brandon.

I didn't think about it, but if you show it on the order page it probably won't give the full detail anyway. We were adding the actual shipping amount too. Then it showed the cost of product and the actual shipment cost so it gave a good birds eye view of each specific order. It wasn't really used for accounting purposes as we use Quickbooks for that. It was nice to see about how each order did. The bummer part was when the previous mentioned mod did not seem to understand when a customer ordered 3 of the same item. So then you really didn't get a good look.

Thanks for all the feedback on this.

We'll either take another look at Brandondvd's solution (albeit with some additional work by ourselves, as you imply it's fairly simplistic) or we'll consider that commercial plugin.

That said, it seems weird to me that ecommerce software (in general) doesn't seem to support cost prices more. I appreciate that most businesses like to calculate their profits and accounts etc. using separate software, but I'd have thought the ability to enter and keep all relevant product details in one place (instead of having to keep track of two separate lists) would be very useful.

I would agree that it is useful to have cost information, but I think CS has done a good job seperating itself. I feel plugins or addons are the best way to deal with something like this as the accounting functionality should be left with the accounting program. Just my thought.

I want a 'Cost Price' field added too, which integrates with the reports to create a profit/loss report. Time to ask for some custom development from CS-Cart…

all order system do that. why cs-cart dont do that ?

sales reports only caclulate shipping cost.

must be

calculate with this way.

Sales price - (

Supplier Price

Shipping Cost

Payment Gateway Price

) = Profit