makign width 1024.

i need to make the 16 grid 1024 instead is that doable ?

the docs are outdated, no support whatsoever, and the forums take around 40 seconds per page load.

may i add that CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation aint even updated neither for 4.02+

Design>Layouts> settings cog icon drop-down>edit layout.

Fluid Width will allow you to set the width to 1024, but will be scalable to some extent between different sized screen resolutions.

To change the 'Fixed' width, you'll need to overwrite the CSS for multiple selectors.

done that, before i asked, but i fear it's not responsive right ?

What's wrong with the bootstrap instructions? I set my test store up with those under the original release of 4 and it works fine with the 4.0.2 upgrade.

Forum loads instantly for me as well with no long page waits.

I update tot 4.1.2 and this option is not vissible anymore

How to make the site fixed width???

It's on the left hand side now. Hover over your layout name under where it says “Switch Layout” and the cog will appear. Click and select Properties. You will see a drop down where you can select Full, Fluid or fixed.