"Make sure you get everything that you need"

I think it would be awesome if a “Make sure you get everything you need” module was developed. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about go here:

[url]Crutchfield: Car Stereo and Audio, Speakers, Home Theater, Pro Audio, TVs

And add a TV to your cart, when you do that the next page will say “Make sure you get everything you need”. And it will have a bunch of accessories and extra perhiperals listed. I know on some products this could really help increase sales on accessories, because shoppers wont have to go hunt them down.

It would also be cool to have the functionality of giving away products(like crutchfield does), to where if you buy “this & this” you get “this”, or if you buy “this” you get “this & this” ect.

Any thoughts?

Very interesting idea. I guess really depends on what you are selling because not sure if this would work for every product someone sales.


If i sell shoes would you have make sure you have socks on that page? I think it would apply mostly to electronics and computers?

Hey Bossman, yeah it definately does depend on what you are selling. But it is a useful mod for pretty much any market. I haven’t gotten my qoute back from CS Cart yet, but is this something you would be interesting in buying with me? Let me know if you are interested.