Make Shipping Cost Depend On Order Total And Items In Cart (By Step Count Though)

I am setting up a wholesale site and I am having trouble configuring their odd shipping rules.

1. Instead of per each item in cart, they need it to be per item step. So you have to order 12 or 24 or 36 of product A, and 4, 8 or 12 of product B. Is there a way to configure the shipping to count these steps as one item each cart?

2. Once the cart total has reached $1500 it should be free shipping, but the combination of cart total and items in cart doesn't seem to work together, but weight and cart total does?

For products, you can use a promotion (total amount of products in the cart = X, Bonus: free shipping).

Or do an order discount that compensates for the shipping costs.

For the total, you can use the shipping settings: more than $1500 cost is 0

I would keep things simple though. IMO it doesn't make much sense to calculate shipping based on the amount of products in the cart. Why not just do an amount? Is much easier and also makes more sense. I'd try to convince your customer :)

I totally agree but it's not happening. I am hiring a programmer to customize the shipping rules page. They will be adding a per minimum order quantity checkbox next to per item checkbox, and getting the cart total rules to work in conjunction with the quantity rules.