Make Create Account Page Home Page

Probably stupid question or am missing something simple but how would you gfo about making the account sign in page / register page the home page for when a customer first comes to the site.

I would like the page to have a ful screen background image with the login box shown and a logo.

See link here: .

I guess you could create new/custom block for the sign in part and put it in the central block area of the home page. Then disable the rest of the blocks for the home page. Then you'd just have the new block visible.

It would take a bit of coding and styling to get it to look like that, but yes, it is possible.



Its really a case of learing. I have been at this two days now and to be honest I`m getting fedup with CSC as a website development platform. These hook things dont work in version 3 as far as I can see. Been trying to understand it, read all sorts of posts and nothing works. There must be an easier weay of branding this software?

Seriously can anyone explain in plain English these hook methods. Im getting confused and frustratrated. Other carts like Magento and Opencart and even Interspire Shopping Cart have easier theming systems.
I know it seems like I
m complaining but I seriously didnt think it would be this hard to theme a site with CSC3

The hooks work just fine in 3.0.1.

Where are you located? I'm in California, USA. I'd be happy to help however I can. Shoot me an email:

brandon @



HI Brandon,

Thanks for the reply. I have emailed you direct. I have tried clearing cache and following various guides but nothing happens. Even basic info or working guide would be helpfull from CS.

Your gonna hit probably a few more problems as you are just starting with CS and it is also just brancjed to a new version so bugs etc are gonna be around. Stick with it its a great cart and you will get there, hey you will even learn new stuff along the way ! :grin:

Hi Johnbol,

Yes I agree a great cart. Am learning for sure. I guess I`m lucky as I have started straight out with CSC3.01.

Had some great help so far from Brandonvd as well.