Make Block Title a Link

Does anyone know how to make a block title a link? I would like my Recently Added Block Title to have a link that will take customers to a page that I created that has new Products.

Any ideas?



I would also want to know if there is a way we can do that. It is very useful!

me too, I have seen it in older versions (1.3.5) but how can it be done in 2.2.1 ?


Just make individual wrappers for your block and where the {$title} or whatever is, just put in your link.

So do this:

1.) Copy skins/your-skin/customer/blocks/wrappers/sidebox_general.tpl (or important) and name it something like block1.tpl

2.) Change


And save the file.

3.) In design => blocks => Your block => Select your new wrapper.

You might have to clear your cache before you see the new wrapper and you might also have to play with your styles to make it work, but at least this should give you a starting point.

Also, if you wanted to have the entire block header be a link instead of just the text you could replace


Hope that helps,



This helps, but this is not what I'm looking for exactly (I Think), as with this trick I have to create several wrappers for each category. For example I have on my home page 6-7 different categories (centered wrappers blocks) with each one containing 4 products, I will like for a customer to click on the block title and go directly to the category where he can view all the products of this category. The 4 products inside the wrapper are like adds, so the customer wants to see the rest of the products, i.e Used DVD (category), New DVD (category), New games (category)…and so on! It's like the button that most sites have called “…more”, and you can view more produsts of that particular category!


Thanks for the trick!

This should do what you want, but if you are looking to do a more… thing, that is pretty easy.

Just create a category group in your blocks.

Create a new block and manually put the categories in it and put it in your group.

Create another block, but have it be a unique html block and put in More... and then put in in your group below the categories.

I guess a guy could do basically the same thing, but for the group, not have a wrapper (or create a blank one to eliminate layout problems) Then he could create the category block with no wrapper and a unique html block with no wrapper. But instead of having a more… in it, you could create an image and code it as a link.

Basically that image would be a link and if you put it at the to of the category block, it would also look like a block header.

The nice thing about doing it this way, is no code changes or multiple wrappers. Basically you could just change out your images whenever you wanted, very easily.

Anyways, just some ideas.



[quote name='tasmanos' timestamp='1319893511' post='124828']

It's like the button that most sites have called “…more”, and you can view more products of that particular category!


It could be an addon “category products preview block”. In CSC you can group product from different categories, but in this case will be limited to products from one particular category.

I'm not sure if the title should be linkable, but the addition of “view all” or “view more” on the bottom will be a nice feature. Willing to share cost if anyone interested.


Thanks!!! It's not exactly what I'm looking for, but it does the trick!!! Hope in future releases that should be an add on!