Mail Not Going To Gmail Account Only After Placing An Order

Hello Guys,

Email is not going to gmail account credit card or paypal payment. The others mail server working fine. The issue with only gmail account email id. I have used normal php mail function.

I have tried use to SMTP and Sendmail settings also but not working.

Please help me out with this.


Is the sending email black listed. Maybe add to your gmail white list.

Is there a spam trap at gmail ?

After credit card payment, the email has been sent to customer. But after sandbox paypal standard payment procedure that is when order has been placed via paypal sandbox standard mode, the email is not going . I have checked the order statuses notifcation section and also checked paypal IPN settings where

Instant Payment Notification - off

Payment Data Transfer - off

Auto Return for Website Payments - off

Return URL - blank

So dont know what is going on actually.

I have unchecked the paypal addon ipn settings . customer ovverride =unchecked and test mode=unchecked

But not working with anything.